The Founder


Many people may wonder how we came up with the name.  To tell you this, requires us to tell you a bit about the founder Silvana Rodriguez.  Silvana was born in Los Angeles, California to a Peruvian father and a Colombian mother.  Growing up she spent a lot of vacations in both of her parents native countries. Despite her very Hispanic appearance by North American standards, in both her parents native countries she was always just viewed as a "gringa" which is a Spanish term of endearment for Americans.  When brainstorming a name for the aji she wanted a name that encompassed everything that it is. One night while driving home from a brainstorming session she was at a red light still trying to come up with names, when the light turned green she said to herself jokingly "green means go".....Green Go...GREENGO! And thus the perfect name was born.  Green for the obvious reason, the color of the aji, but also GREENGO because it was created by a "gringa" in the land of "gringos".